Fun activities to start a meeting

But what if your team members would be engaged right from the start? Ready to learn how to start a meeting effectively? Positive emotions at work lead to better results in life and in business. So you want your workplace to be an environment where people thrive and think happy thoughts. You want your meeting room to be a place where people feel like they can share their thoughts. And that requires you to ease the tension. And according to science, storytelling is one of the best ways to resonate with people.

People remember stories and they engage when they hear them. Humor is one of the best ways to make your message or meeting agenda stick.

Here are 3 steps to get you started:.

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Relax and believe your joke is funny. If you smile and come off as happy, people will smile back at you.

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Think about your voice. So vary your voice. Simple: Yourself. This will help people connect with you. And a lifetime ban from the zoo. It happens so easily:.

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Shake things up a bit and start your meetings in an unexpected way. It might be just what you need to keep people engaged in your meetings.

fun activities to start a meeting

Here are just a few examples of things you and your team can do:. Getting out of old habits now and again has a couple of benefits. And second, doing things differently can give you valuable new perspectives and a creativity boost. If people can play with things during your meeting, it might make it easier for them to relax their minds, relieve stress and get focused.

Use toys like stress balls, coloring pens and papers and coloring books. Lego bricks, puzzles and other brain teasers to start a meeting have a hidden advantage.Staff meetings are rarely popular activities, especially if the staff thinks they are a waste of time. Fun activities help to motivate employees and boost morale in the workplace. After all, it's much easier to be creative and willing to resolve conflicts when you enjoy coming to work. Well-thought-out activities at staff meetings create a positive work culture, which will hopefully yield higher productivity.

Encourage your employees to get to know each other better by playing a fun, insightful game. Place several coins, such as pennies, in a small bowl. Make sure the years on the coins are within your team's lifespan.

Before starting the meeting or as soon as it ends, tell each employee to draw out a coin. Next, he or she will have to share a life event or something important they went through that year. This can be a great ice breaker and even bring humor into the conversion. Plus, it makes it easier for introverts to open themselves up.

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Ask your team members to name one book or music album they'd like to have with them if they were stranded on a desert island. This will help you get to know them better and gain a deeper insight into their lifestyle and personal interests. You'd never guess that your IT guy who's always serious and organized loves rock music so much! A good way to find out more about staff and what they expect from you is to turn everything into a game. Divide the room in two with a piece of tape.

Place paper notes with questions on both sides and ell your employees to choose a side based on their answers. For example, you could questions like "Would you rather work from home or arrive later at work?

fun activities to start a meeting

As a team-building activity, work in small groups or the entire staff can work together. Each person spins a yarn about some aspect of his life, such as a vacation, a college experience or a youthful indiscretion. Part of the story will be true and part will be a lie. His coworkers will determine which part of the story is the lie. Employees get to know more about their colleagues and understand one another on a more personal level.

As a way to improve communication and cooperation, give each person a letter of the alphabet when he enters the meeting. Allow five minutes, or any time allotment you choose, for a group to come together to form a five to seven letter word.

Each employee must go around the room and find other people with letters that can form a word when they stand together. Vote on the most humorous word formed and award simple prizes, such as candy bars or key chains.

This memory activity gives employees a way to remember key information. Create facts to remember and develop humorous ways to remember them, such as license plate numbers, the definitions of words or a specific company policy. Pairs or groups can devise funny mnemonic devices for the same or different facts; afterwards, read them to the group for a humorous diversion. Transfer the skills you learn to more important pieces of information across the organizational spectrum.Jon: How was the meeting?

Bob: Well… the donuts made the hour-long meeting worth it. Most companies invariably have one or more morning meetings, and we often find them annoying and disruptive to our daily routine or tasks at hand.

Meetings are considered important for moving your business forward through sharing information, solving problems, reviewing performance, making decisions and planning projects. They can also help tp foster team building and inclusivity.

However, meetings are usually seen as dull events that can be dreaded by everyone…including the organizer. Here are few morning meeting activities you can do to run engaged and productive meetings for all attendees:.

Instead of the usual 9 a. Having an unusual start time is useful in helping attendees remember a meeting time. Also when you say a. Set expectations with your team beforehand so that you all expect to start the meeting at the appointed time.

11 Team Meeting Ideas That Will Make Your Meetings Fun and Effective

When meetings start on time, they are more likely to finish on time. They are also usually more productive and allows the meeting to unfold quickly and effectively. For example, everyone can be asked to say one interesting thing they did over the weekend or brag about one accomplishment at work. They can even share a funny incident that happened to them or in their department since the last meeting.

Instead of taking turns going clock-wise or anti-clock wise around the room —make it even more interesting by playing catch-ball. This is a great way to set a relaxed and fun mood to morning meetings which are generally perceived as serious, mind-numbing events. Preferably, pertaining to the topic of the meeting.

This not only wakes up all participants, it also sends a message that everyone needs to be prepared for meetings. They should have read the information and notes sent prior to the meeting and understood the agenda thoroughly. This is a great method to ensure productive and effective morning meetings where you have everyone engaged and participating.

This will add an element of fun and reignite originality.Finding the right exercise can be challenging, since not every team is comfortable with certain types of activities. Want to save these ideas for later? As a group, take a personality test together. Bring in a speaker, if time allows, to expound on the different personality traits, their strengths, their weaknesses, and a plan on how potential clashes can be alleviated.

These tests simplify things and create easily remembered results. Purpose: Knowing what motivates and what demotivates other team members is powerful. By establishing how each team member works best, and how they react in different situations, they can learn how to approach each other differently to succeed in work and personal interaction.

Create a fictional problem that must be solved. It could be a theoretical product, a brain teaser, a riddle, a design challenge — anything that needs a solution. Assemble your team, and have them write down an idea on a large sheet of paper. They only need to write a sentence or two. Have them pass the paper to the person on their left, and instruct them to use the new idea to build another solution upon.

Continue for several rounds, and then see what the results are. You may want to choose a fictional problem that allows you to reveal one aspect of the challenge each round. As you work as a team, brainstorming sessions often sway towards the vocal and dominant personalities even though other team members have valuable ideas, too. Give each team member four identical slips of paper. Instruct them to write down three truths and one lie. The lie should be believable to some extent i. Go around the group, one at a time, and have them read the truths and lie in random order.

When they are finished, the team should discuss which they think are the truths and which are the lies.

8 Tips for Running More Effective Meetings - The Distilled Man

Extroverts have no difficulty in making themselves known, but introverts often remain an enigma, bowled into silence. This exercise gives them equal footing to reveal facts about themselves as well as expose the assumptions others have made.

Participants learn about others and also learn about themselves through the lies they thought were true. Break your team into groups of equal members. Give each team a distinctly different jigsaw puzzle of equal difficulty. Explain that they have a set amount of time to complete the puzzle as a group. Explain that some of the pieces in their puzzle belong to the other puzzles in the room.

The goal is to complete their puzzle before the other groups, and that they must come up with their own method of convincing the other teams to relinquish the pieces they need, whether through barter, exchange of team members, donating time to another team, a merger, etc.

Whatever they choose to do, they must do it as a group. Purpose: This exercise is time-consuming, but it accomplishes creative teamwork on several levels. As a team, they must build the puzzle. As a team, they must find a way to convince the other teams to help them. In other words, they must solve both the puzzle and the problem of getting their pieces back.

Divide your team into equal groups. Create a specific project with clear restrictions and a goal.

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For example, you might have your team create a device that involves movement without electricity, and moves a golf ball from point A to point B.

The challenge is completely up to you. Then give each team the same supplies to work from, or create a pile of available supplies in the middle of the room.A great way to start a team meeting is with a fun game. Games are an effective way to create an opportunity for team members to interact and get to know one another.

Games played at the start of a team meeting can be used to simply break the ice and get to know one another or to teach teamwork principles.

Providing time to have fun directly before a meeting will help the members of team have a great attention span because their minds will be alert to receive the information. Break the team up into smaller groups of four to six people. Give each person a sheet of paper and instruct them to write down two statements on the paper that are not true about their lives and one statement that is true. Provide a few minutes for everyone to write down their three statements. Once everyone completes their statements, have each person in the group share their statements.

The listeners work together to identify which statement is true. This game allows team members to learn interesting facts about one another. Have the members of your team sit on the floor in a circle. Instruct the members to put their backs towards one another in the circle.

Inform them that the objective of the game is to have the entire group stand together at the same time. In order to succeed, every team member has to be in unity with the others, otherwise the group will not be able to stand in unison.

After the game is complete, use it as a learning activity and discuss the importance of teamwork, listening skills and communication skills. Print the list out and make enough copies for each team member. Give one sheet to each team member and instruct the team that the objective is to go around the room and find a person who accurately fits the statements description.

Once they find someone, that person puts their initials next to the statement. The game is played until someone has their sheet completely filled out.

She has written for instinctmarketing. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in mass media communications, and from the University of Texas with an associate degree in theater performance.

Share It. About the Author. Photo Credits.Meetings can be oh-so-very boring. I have sat through my fair share of dull, uninspired, and ineffective meetings at work and church. And I have often wondered while sitting through such meetings why so many people go through the motions when it seems like a royal waste of time.

After reading the book summary of GamestormingI immediately borrowed it from the library. Games are fun! I love playing games. When participants are engaged, then you can make the most of their creativity and ingenuity, thus making the most of the meeting. These games apply to any formal setting where a discussion is happening work meeting, small group at church, family dinner discussion, board meeting, etc.

This game is a great way to get players to get to know each other better, and makes an excellent ice-breaker. Have players pass around the trading cards until they find one they would ask a question about.

In this game, you ask players to identify ways to solve the problem opposite to their current problem. For example, if your goal is to increase customers at your retail store, then you would ask people to solve the anti-problem: How do you decrease customers at your retail store? This game is a simple way to generate multiple ideas and build on them.

Distribute a large index card to each player and ask them to write down an idea. Have players pass their index card to the right or fold it into a paper airplane and fly it to another participant.

Read the idea on the index card just received and add an idea inspired by the original idea. Continue the process until there are multiple ideas on each card. In this game, players identify why a project failed miserably before the project begins. The problem with going around the circle is that it is so predictable, and once a person answers they may zone out. By imaging the packaging for the idea, whether it is a product or not, the teams make decisions about the important features of the idea and other aspects that are often hard to articulate.

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If you need ideas for an upcoming meeting, pick it up from the library or bookstore and flip through it to get inspired. Here are a few great quotes from this book:. Second, agendas establish the decision that is being discussed and elicits feedback and suggestions. All we need to know is the decision and the resulting action plan.

Here are a few games that I liked from the book: 1 Trading Cards This game is a great way to get players to get to know each other better, and makes an excellent ice-breaker.Meetings can get off to an energetic and productive start if you infuse them with a little physical and mental energy.

7 Fun Ideas for Morning Meeting Greetings

Encourage participants to come to the meeting prepared to stretch their bodies and their minds as a way to challenge team-building, brainstorming and interpersonal bonding.

Once everyone is present, call out random numbers drawn from a hat. Each person will stand and move so many seats to their right. For example, if you call the number 3, everyone stands and moves over three seats. The person who is seated in the winning chair after so many random number calls wins the prize.

Start the meeting with a stand-up roll call. For example, a marketing manager may stand when she hears the terms newsletter or brochure and an accountant may stand when she hears the terms receivables and invoicing. Choose a topic to brainstorm, such as ideas for new product categories. Invite meeting participants to write their ideas on a piece of paper, roll it up, put it inside a balloon and blow the balloon up.

Participants then stand and bat the balloons cross the conference table to one another. Each participant then pops their balloon, reads the idea and the group discusses. Encourage meeting participants to break into small groups. Give each a business-related topic to act out in charade form and let the rest of the group to take turns guessing what it is.

fun activities to start a meeting

Before the meeting, tape poster boards on the walls and label each with a problem or situation the meeting will discuss. When participants arrive, give each one a pad of sticky paper and a pen and ask them to roam the room jotting ideas and affixing the stickers to individual boards. This activity gets people moving and jump-starts the meeting with a host of fresh ideas.

Start the meeting with a supply of soft balls or stuffed animals that participants can toss back and forth between teammates in a mock water balloon toss. The winning team gets a prize or gets to lead off the meeting. Lisa McQuerrey has been a business writer since Inshe launched a full-service marketing and communications firm.

McQuerrey's work has garnered awards from the U. She is also the author of several nonfiction trade publications, and, inhad her first young-adult novel published by Glass Page Books. Skip to main content. Seating Switch-Up Once everyone is present, call out random numbers drawn from a hat. Roll Call Start the meeting with a stand-up roll call.

Balloon Toss Choose a topic to brainstorm, such as ideas for new product categories. Corporate Charades Encourage meeting participants to break into small groups. Stick-Up Before the meeting, tape poster boards on the walls and label each with a problem or situation the meeting will discuss.

Game Time Start the meeting with a supply of soft balls or stuffed animals that participants can toss back and forth between teammates in a mock water balloon toss. About the Author Lisa McQuerrey has been a business writer since Accessed 18 April McQuerrey, Lisa.

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